The Man Who Wasn't There (scarcrest) wrote in an_incon_truth,
The Man Who Wasn't There

Quick poll action

One of the biggest hurdles to getting anything done about global warming and climate change is skepticism about the phenomena themselves. Politicians can look at polls and say "my constituents don't think it's happening, so why should I do anything?"

If you have a moment, drop by and fill out the front-page poll, which asks "Do you believe global warming is a serious, man-made crisis?" The Yes vote was up by 9 points at one point this week, but the deniers are gaining ground, and are within 5 points as I type this.

(If you wait about 5 minutes, you can vote a second time, or third time, etc., which is how I suspect the vote has started closing in within the past 24 hours. You can help turn the tide.)

I should note, this is a newspaper in Jackson, Tenn., where Al Gore's mother grew up and an uncle still lives.
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